Getting Ready for Leave!

Many apologies for getting this blog up and ready for publication.

Trying to get adjusted to Juneau, the new gig, living arrangements (thanks Joss) and the like. So now I am in catch up mode.

As you may or may not know, I left  the DC area on October 13th and the days leading to my departure were stressful and hectic. Trying to say goodbye  to everyone I could (I really should have started earlier so I could have seen more people) and packing was a stresser. Add in a minor disagreement with Jocelyn on the phone the week before I left and you know what I am talking about. And for the record, if one says that they have to go when you are having a phone conversation and you say this is a couple of times, and the other person INSISTS on talking, and I say I am done…I will call you later and hang up….did you or did you not hang up on this person? I am going with No. Not if I warn you that I am hanging up.

Anyway…the issue was that Alaska Airlines says that you need to have your shot records up to date before traveling. And of course, every time I and Jocelyn called Alaska Airlines we got a different person and a different answer. The shot records in itself is not a problem. Any dog owner who has traveled either has a good support person you can leave your dogs with when you travel or a good kennel that you use. And kennels need shot records (especially evidence of bordatella and distemper).   But I digress….Alaska Airlines didn’t want my shot records, they apparently were not good enough. What they wanted was a filled out was a completed Interstate Travel Form. This form allows pets to travel on planes and has to be dated 7 days before travel. That’s all fine and good but you need to have this done by a vet, and the cost was $150 that I didn’t plan on spending. You pay for the visit and the record. But I have two dogs (as you can see from the attached pics waiting for the vet).  It would have been $200 without the coupon…thanks Alaska Airlines and Petsmart. But guess what….after all that……..NO ONE I mean NO ONE asked me for this document.

I arrived at DCA at 6 AM on the morning of the 13th, and the very nice Alaska Agent DID NOT ask me for this document. Oh and can someone tell me why Alaska Airlines does not have a little belt behind their kiosk at DCA? So after you check in…you need to carry your bags to the United Airlines counter so it can go to the unknown (ie….where your luggage goes when its placed on that belt before it disappears before your very eyes). Yeah, that missing belt.  Normally that isn’t an issue for me…now that luggage has wheels. But try moving three bags that weigh 50 pounds each, and two dog crates holding 20 pound dogs and you get why I am missing the belt.  Thank goodness the Alaska Air agent assisted me!  And TSA takes security very seriously….I had to take each dog out of their crate so it could get scanned before the crates (and my babies) were put on a cart and wheeled away. See you in Seattle Lucky and Bailey!

Once I arrived at Seattle International Airport I had to get the dogs and walk them in the dog park. After that I had to entertain two dogs for the three hour layover. Keep them fed and happy before they had to do the security check again  as we began the final journey from Seattle to Juneau.  And for the record,  Alaska Airlines had a very nice kiosk at the Seattle Airport with a moving belt!  And yep, no one asked about the Pet Travel document in Seattle either. I bet if I didn’t have it (but I would have my $150) , they would have asked about it.  Mom already told me that Bailey and Lucky weren’t missing that flight and staying with her…so I had to be prepared.

DCA to Juneau was an all day affair. I left DCA at 8 AM EST and arrived in Seattle at 10:45 AM PST. My departure from Seattle was at 3:00 PST with arrival in Juneau scheduled for 6:59 AST.  Why so long you ask and what the heck is AST?

Why I be would honored to answer your questions. It really doesn’t take that long to get from Seattle to Juneau but I was signed up for the Milk Run.  What’s the Milk Run Aunt Monday?!  Well listen up and I will tell you Mari!

At Seattle International Airport.

A view from the sky!

photo (4)
A gentle reminder at Seattle that while security is a pain….Never Forget!

When you do the Milk Run on Alaska Air…it makes stops in Stika and Ketchikan before arriving Juneau! So that’s why it takes so long. I think it goes Anchorage once it leaves Juneau. But I wasn’t on it so I didn’t really care.  For the record, a direct flight from Seattle to Juneau takes approximately 2 hours and 8 minutes.  And AST is Alaska Standard Time. Juneau is approximately 4 hours behind the East Coast. So when its 12:00 PM in DC, its 8:00 AM in Juneau.  So I arrived at the Juneau Airport to big signs and smiles from Jocelyn and Johnathan.

And a big shout out and miss you to Dunkin Donuts….if I had known that the last time I would see your shining face (and your sign) would have been at DCA…I would have treated you better. I do miss those chocolate creme donuts. Oh and all of you too!